Farrow & Ball – Une critique honnête

-> Farrow & Ball – Une critique honnête (version française)

For several years now I have been hearing about Farrow&Ball paints, but I have always been held back by the price. Also the impression of following a trend… However I took the plunge for the renovation of this room in which my daughters (4 years and 1 year old) will live in for a couple years.

This result is what I was looking for. The colors are exactly as presented, the finish is impeccable. Farrow&Ball does not have a 10,000 color chart. However, we see that each of their colors is well studied with a controlled dosage of pigments. We have also renovated the entrance of the house with F&B (article to come). Nothing to complain about.

My summary in one sentence: If you are looking for a specific color or an assertive color, and your budget allows it, do not hesitate to choose this brand of paint ; If your budget i an issue, it is worth putting your project on hold, just the time to save a bit more in exchange of an excellent result.

Deep paint color : Farrow & Ball Rectory Red / Lighter paint color: Farrow & Ball Setting plaster

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