We are back !

We are back! I don’t know how to express in this letter the mix of emotions I am feeling right now as I write these lines. It’s a bit confusing as I am moved, excited, happy, and at the same time super ashamed. Ashamed because, let’s say it clearly: I abandoned my blog during my pregnancy (even if I stayed active on social media). In my last blog posts, I was promising to show you my pregnancy looks. However soon after sharing one OOTD or two, I started feeling extremely tired and not at ease in my body. At that same time I was co-supervising renovations that were taking place in our new home. I think I really underestimated all that I had on my plate at that moment. 

Jacket thrifted at Moujik Paris – Jade’s jumpsuit is a pattern from French brand Citronille

So yes. Here I am and as you can see I am not alone. Jade was born in February 2019 and she is a very interesting little girl. I find time to sew for her as well (we always find time for things/people that are dear to us). For 2 years now my creative interests have evolved: I’m very interested in home staging, I’ve started creative baking, and I source for second hand clothing and furniture. I have been quite concerned lately about the impact of massive consumption on our environment, on its people, and on a lower scale: consequences on our personal finances. I lately started sharing some ideas on this topic on Instagram, and will now be able to share here as well. Also in other news: I am launching in a few days, an online creative brand of textile applications (labels) with positive messages and stylish vibes, designed specially for makers. I absolutely wanted to share this news with you so that you don’t miss anything and are able to take part in this new adventure as well. Whatever the case I am super excited to reconnect with you here. And I promise to never go missing again! ❤️

PS: Please don’t hesitate to update me as well on what’s going on at you end. I will be super happy to read your news.

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  • Leila dit :

    Hey girls!!!
    Welcome back… you are selling skin as always! And Jade is so pretty !

  • Marielle Jean dit :

    C’est une super nouvelle!
    Insta c’est sympa mais je préfère de loin le blog,plus convivial.
    C’est bien aussi de prendre du temps pour laisser mûrir les projets..Et puis l’arrivée de Jade!ohlàlà,ce n’est pas rien😁En tous cas je suis super contente de te lire à nouveau et attends avec impatience de nouveaux partages🤗A bientôt

  • Merci beaucoup Marielle. ça me fait super plaisir ♥️

  • Thank you darling you ♥️

  • Choc and Lace dit :

    WELCOME BAAAACK!!! hâte qu’il ouvre ton eshop 😉
    A très vite

  • Merci beaucoup pour ton accueil. Je suis toujours très reconnaissante pour tes encouragements.🙏🏾 Je te souhaite de passer une bonne semaine.

  • claire marie dit :

    Je vous découvre depuis la sortie du livre “couture wax” et je suis enchantée de vous lire. comme je n’ai pas eu le temps de tout lire, je n’ai pas eu le temps de “subir” cette absence. j’aime votre sourire, vos couleurs, votre bonne humeur, quel plaisir! Je suis très sensible depuis longtemps aux questions de durabilité, de consommation responsable, de couture responsable…. , j’ai hâte de vous lire sur ces sujets.
    Longue vie à votre blog.
    Bon , je file, j’ai une commande d’étiquettes à valider moi!!

  • Bonjour Claire-Marie,
    Merci beaucoup pour votre message qui me fait super plaisir. J’espère entrer davantage dans ces sujets de durabilité et de consommation responsable qui influence grandement ma consommation depuis quelques années. Et merci pour votre commande qui a quitté
    mon studio ce samedi matin! C’était un plaisir pour moi de vous le préparer 🙂

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