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the newborn’s bonnet – free pattern

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The newborn’s bonnet is typically a gift that I would have loved to receive for my newborn if I did not know how to sew. it’s vintage, it’s useful, it’s stylish and it’s more and more rare to find these days. A baby’s bonnet also turns out to be a practical gift for which you can use your fabric scraps. Let your imagination run wild by combining fabrics and matching them with your favorite ribbon colors. Baby can wear it up to its 3/4 months.

DOWNLOAD THE NEWBORN’S BONNET PATTERN HERE. Make sure you print the pattern at a 100% scale.

sewing Instructions in 5 easy steps :

1. Form the back darts by connecting points A and B and by making the notches coincide at the same time. Do the same for the second identical piece which will serve as a lining.

2. Pin the two pieces at the front. Both pieces will be one on top of the other; right sides facing. Sew 1 cm from the edges. Iron.

3. Fold the lining (second piece) inside the bonnet. The two pieces are now facing wrong sides together. Iron the newly formed fold.

4. Baste together the back parts of the bonnet and lining, wrong sides facing. Still at the back, iron a first fold of 0.5cm. Then a second fold of 1.5cm to form the slide of the ribbon. Sew 2mm from this last fold you’ve formed.

5. Using a safety pin insert your ribbon through the slide you just made. Once the ribbon is in the slide, adjust the dimensions of the ribbon by cutting the edges on the bias – and for synthetic ribbons by bringing these sharp edges closer to a heat source (ex. matches flame).

✨ An ideal gift: Sew 3 little bonnets, place them in a small box, cover with tissue paper, and you’ve just created the perfect and cutest birth gift ever (and at a low price!).

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